The legendary party-cracker!

group of friends on sofa
It’s Party Time!

From birthday parties to garden parties in summer and to the annual New Year's Eve party - with our clubs every occasion becomes a successful party. And to be honest, we also celebrate them at home during a cosy TV evening, because party is what you make of it!

The party classic from Lorenz!
Are you ready for the Club party?

Everyone has already partied with them: Clubs Party Crackers from Lorenz. And every generation celebrates this party classic in its own way: Topped with cheese or cream cheese and cucumber -it's hard to imagine a party buffet without them. And together with delicious savoury or even sweet dips and toppings, clubs are a highlight at any party. But our party crackers are also an excellent combination with light wines, gin and tonics or summery cocktails as a pure snack treat with a slight hint of salt. Now it's your turn: How do you prefer our Clubs crackers?

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