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The Lorenz company
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Who we are and what we stand for

For four generations, we have been creating snacks for people all around the world. And, by doing this, we make the joyous moments in life that bit more enjoyable.

Simply good ingredients
Potatoes, vegetable oil, nuts and more

Controlled cultivation, close partnerships with our farmers and lots of regionally sourced items: these are our ingredients!

Food transparency

Good snacks with transparent labeling. From nutritional information to the Nutri-Score – with us, whatever is inside is also on the outside.

Lorenz Code of Conduct

We keep our word. With our Code of Conduct, we commit to high standards for ethical, legal, and commercial behavior

Quality standards at Lorenz
Quality you can taste
An unwavering belief in high standards

From the choice of raw materials to the transport chain: find out more about our quality standards.

Lorenz – History and Milestones
Lorenz – History and Milestones
Lorenz – History and Milestones
Every BIG STORY has a small beginning

Our story begins with a FAMILY. A FAMILY that has been making tasty snacks since 1889.